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1. Festival | 29.11. bis 01.12.2002

On December 11, 1992, the then “Hallesches Tageblatt” reported the founding of the International Carl Loewe Society. V. titled with the question: “Löbejün will soon be a festival venue?”

After 10 eventful years of change, a variety of initiatives and events, in 2002 we succeeded in organizing the “1. “Carl Loewe Festival”.

The demanding program presented by well-known artists, including the Kammersänger and new honorary member of the ICLG, Prof. Kurt Moll, attracted many visitors and guests to Löbejün for the individual events.

The opening concert with Loewe's rarely performed works - the Symphony in D minor and the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in A major - performed by the members of the Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau under the direction of GMD Golo Berg and the Japanese pianist Mari Kodama, became one a worthy start to the festive season on the eve of Carl-Loewe's 206th birthday.

The program continued on Loewe's birthday with the opening of an exhibition on Carl Loewe in the Carl Loewe House and the presentation of the new series of publications “Publications of the International Carl Loewe Society.” V.”

Another highlight of the festival, which exceeded even the wildest expectations, was the song and ballad concert with chamber singer Prof. Kurt Moll, who was accompanied on the piano by Stefan Irmer.

The festive season came to a cheerful end with an impressive performance by actor Peter Bause with the one-person play by Patrick Süskind “The Double Bass”.

In addition to the almost 1,000 guests from all over Germany, representatives of the Austrian and Japanese Carl Loewe Society and of course guests from Löbejün's twin town, Schifferstadt, came. The admission of Prof. Sato (Tokyo) and Dr. Hanzlik (Vienna) as cooperative members serves to further deepen international cooperation and coordinate future projects.

This holiday marked the beginning of a new era in the care of the Carl Loewe legacy.

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