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The Carl Loewe festivals

Since 2002, Carl Loewe festivals lasting several days have been held in Löbejün, albeit at longer intervals, with high musical standards and enormous audience response.

The aim of the Carl Loewe Festival is to make the entire breadth of Carl Loewe's musical work accessible to the public, particularly through the performance of rarely performed works.

Particular attention is not only paid to Carl Loewe's songs and ballads, but also to the ballad master's much lesser-known orchestral works, with which we would like to reawaken attention and interest in this composer - beyond the ballad.

It is still unknown to many that Loewe's diverse work includes, in addition to around 500 ballads and songs, 18 oratorios, six operas, two symphonies, various piano compositions, choral music and chamber music works.

The Carl Loewe Festival is intended to be a musical journey of discovery through the composer's oeuvre.

The fact that this claim could be realized is shown by the appreciation of the events regionally and far beyond Germany's borders, as well as the number of visitors.

Due to its excellent reputation as a renowned music festival with high artistic standards, the International Carl Loewe Society became a founding member of the AG Musikfeste in Saxony-Anhalt and the Musikland Saxony-Anhalt network.

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