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3. Festival | 20. - 22.04. 2007

“Carl Loewe – Parallels between classical music and popularity”

The resonance of the 3rd festival under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Prof. Dr. Böhmer, showed that – even worldwide – Carl Loewe's heritage care has achieved a high, recognized quality.

In addition to the performances of well-known Loewe works, previously unknown or thought-to-be-lost sheet music was discovered and reworked for the third festival. In particular, Loewe's instrumental works were made accessible to the general public in accordance with their value.

Cord Garben, pianist, conductor and producer, was honored with honorary membership of the ICLG for his extraordinary processing of Loewesch works (a total of 21 CDs with well-known artists).

The tradition of new publications as part of the series of publications by the International Carl Loewe Society was also continued on the third holiday.

In close cooperation with the Austrian Carl Loewe Society and the Handel House in Halle, on behalf of the International Carl Loewe Society, the President of the Austrian Society, Dr. Robert Hanzlik, the “Carl Loewe – Ballad School” commented on and re-edited based on the Handel House manuscript, which was believed to be lost, with a foreword by Prof. Dietrich Fischer – Dieskau, who was awarded honorary membership of the ICLG for the 2nd Carl Loewe Festival in 2004.

The wreath-laying ceremony at the “new” Loewe monument (re-erected on October 3, 2006 after a rejuvenation treatment as part of the city's URBAN activities on the square redesigned according to old models) this year was a successful start to the second day of the festival: children from kindergarten and school, local, sports and shooting clubs, fire department, shawm band and many citizens as well as the guests of the festive season honored the city's great son.

The festive season came to a cheerful conclusion on Sunday morning with an impressive appearance by reciter Lutz Görner, known, among other things, from the series “Lyrics for All” on the 3sat theater channel, who brought his audience funny to profound poems, including literary models by the ballad king Carl Loewe inimitable gestures and facial expressions.

A special highlight of this holiday was the awarding of honorary membership to Prof. Udo Jürgens, whose popularity and popularity as a composer, singer and pianist today clearly followed in the tradition of Carl Loewe.

Despite excellent artistic performances, the two pianists, Prof. Birgitta Wollenweber, Berlin (including Gypsy Sonata) and Ms. Simone Weißenfels, Leipzig (modern improvisation of Loewe ballads), had a hard time getting the audience's undivided attention that day, as everyone Guests waited in the packed Löbejüner Stadthalle for the musical thank you from Udo Jürgens.

The opening concert on Friday was significantly influenced by Cord Garben, who, as pianist and conductor, performed with Claudia Michaelsen (viola) the Duo Espagnola, which was thought lost in the war and was found and reworked in the archives of the Handel House in Halle. He accompanied the mezzo-soprano Uta Christina Georg on the piano and conducted the salon orchestra of the Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau with the chamber singer Roman Trekel.

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