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Tour of the Carl Loewe Museum

On the ground floor, in addition to the reception area with a museum shop, the small chamber concert hall offers visitors opportunities for passive but also active encounters with Loewe's music. Smaller musical events, thematic workshops and readings fill the interim periods during the Carl Loewe festival. The house is filled with music every week with piano and guitar lessons from the “Carl Loewe” district music school.

The upper floor is dedicated to the life and work of Carl Loewe. The recreated “Living room in Loewe's time” reflects the Biedermeier spirit, which is characterized by simple elegance, comfort and practicality and forms the breeding ground for the spirit of the Romantics. In the same room it becomes clear how the influences from childhood in Löbejün and the musical and theological training in Halle laid the foundation for many later ballad compositions.

The “Works Room” provides an interesting insight into Loewe’s successful work as a composer, teacher, cantor and music director in Stettin. The ballad compositions take up a wide space. A selection of original music manuscripts, first printings of music, documentation of performances of Loewe's oratorios, statements by contemporaries and travel reports reflect Loewe's position in his time.

Phonograph, several old gramophones up to modern times). The abundance of available recordings proves that almost all of the great song singers from the end of the 19th century to modern times have interpreted Loewe ballads and songs in their repertoire with great success.

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