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History and present

On the initiative of Dr. Max Runze, friend of the Loewe family and ardent admirer of Carl Loewe, and Carl Loewe's eldest daughter, Julie von Hepburn, founded the “Berlin Loewe Association” in Berlin in March 1882. This was followed by the founding of the Löbejüner “Loewe Association” in May 1888.

During the first and second world wars, these clubs had varying degrees of success.

After the Second World War, the memory of Carl Loewe in Löbejün was further cared for within the Cultural Association of the GDR with the Friends of Carl Loewe.

In November 1992, the Friends of Carl Loewe organized the first event after the peaceful revolution and at the same time the last as the Friends of Carl Loewe.

The ceremonial speech at this event was given by the then Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Prof. Dr. Werner Münch, who was very familiar with Carl Loewe and suggested the founding of a new club.

The International Carl Loewe Society was founded on December 10, 1992. V. by ten members. Andreas Porsche was elected as president, who continues to hold this office with great success to this day in addition to his professional work as a cardiologist and senior physician at the Eisleber Klinikum.

In its statutes it is stated that the society sees its concern as the continuation of old Loewe traditions and builds on the goals of the original Loewe association and the new beginnings of the Loewe care of the Friends of Carl Loewe. The aim is to create and develop a coordinating center for Loewe research and Loewe heritage management.

The statutes of the International Carl Loewe Society e. V. can be downloaded here.

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