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9th Carl Loewe Festival | 14. -21. April 2024

“Invention, Spirit, Grace”

Carl Loewe is characterized in his oratorios by “a combination of three very enviable things, invention, spirit, grace, which are rarely found in any of his contemporaries in such abundance as they are in him.”

This tribute comes from none other than August Eduard Grell (1800 - 1886), a doyen of protestant church music and director of the Berlin Singing Academy for decades.

Reason and reason enough to pay increased attention to Carl Loewe's choral and oratorio work during the 9th Carl Loewe Festival from April 14th - 21st, 2024. The program was colorful and diverse. You can download it here. (Program-Folder)

Hundreds of music lovers were invited and came.

Visitor comments

Still completely fulfilled and impressed by the sounds of Loewe's music, by the rich spiritual impulses and by the overall harmonious and beneficial atmosphere of the 9th festival, I would like to take this short opportunity to thank you most warmly for allowing me to be there again to be impressed by Loewe and that I was once again able to enjoy your warmth and comprehensive hospitality.
And I really enjoyed it!
The Loewe Festival in Löbejün in 2024 was also a unique, luminous musical event, within which the coherent and concentrated concept was realized in every detail of the given diversity and breadth in the impressive artistic experiences: some even unknown Loewe compositions, excellent performers, infectious joy in making music, an enthusiastic audience - and in the context a theoretical “counterpoint” presented with rare sophistication (despite well-founded, meticulous research results from well-known theorists)! Thanks again to everyone
Kind regards - Dr. Karin Zauft

I was happy to take part in the Carl Loewe Days.
The events in Löbejün and the symposium were interesting and varied.
I found “Job” in Halle to be a great performance in a very appealing setting.
I think the ICLG can claim anything as a real success.
Dr. Burkhard Sauerwald

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