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Our collections

The collections in the Carl Loewe Museum contain autographs, sheet music, books and writings as well as the world's largest collection of recordings with music by Carl Loewe.

The Carl Loewe Museum has a small but fine collection of handwritten music autographs, letter autographs by Carl Loewe and his eldest daughter Julie von Bothwell, as well as first and early printings of the sheet music of individual songs and ballads as well as music books, piano works and symphonies , choral and chamber music compositions, from various complete editions of ballads, songs and songs (around 1900). Complete catalogs of works (Bruno Scheithauer - 1886, Franz Espagne - 1870) and a fairly extensive library with Carl Loewe literature from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries on biographical, family history and musicological aspects complete the collection. This fund was gradually expanded through extensive donations from Loewe friends from all over Europe.
This enables scientific publications and biographical research to be supported and inquiries from all over the world about Carl Loewe and his works to be answered.

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