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8. Festival | 5. - 10.10.2021

"Carl Loewe and his choirs"

On November 30, 2021, we commemorated Carl Loewe's 225th birthday.
And: 200 years ago on September 16, 1821, he married Julie von Jakob.
The 8th Carl Loewe Festival was dedicated to these anniversaries and musically to his choral music.
Loewe himself once said: “I'm not sorry that some of my ballads are forgotten; but it hurts me that my beautiful choirs remain so unknown.”
We wanted to change that. The numerous guests were able to experience it.

Despite all the Corona-related restrictions, the 8th Carl Loewe Festival was a great end to this special Carl Loewe year.

Numerous guests from home and abroad were drawn to Wettin-Löbejün by Carl Loewe's music for the 8th festival, which we were fortunate to be able to organize from October 5th to 10th, 2021, and experienced great concerts on an international level and remarkable accompanying events .

During the 8th Carl Loewe Festival, the many guests have probably never been more aware that art and culture are among the very special treasures of our lives.
That's precisely why the festive season was something very special - starting with the opening and vernissage by the artist Marek Jagusch in the Carl Loewe House through to the many discussions, readings and the excellent concerts.

The festive season was well advertised nationally, which was clear from the origins of the guests. Dr. Dr. had the longest journey. Fumiko Seo from the Japanese Carl Loewe Society. She informed the ICLG general meeting about the activities there in disseminating Loewesch compositions.

State Parliament President Dr. Gunnar Schellenberger (right) in conversation with Marek Jagusch.

A special highlight of the festive season:

New edition “Carl Loewe - Choral Music”

In collaboration with PHONUS Verlag Leipzig, we were able to publish two volumes of sacred and secular choral music by Carl Loewe. The worldwide unique publications were edited by Prof. Wolfgang Kupke.

Wolfgang Kupke is the long-standing rector of the Evangelical University of Church Music in Halle.

The two volumes, published by PHONUS-Verlag Leipzig, are a compendium of Loewe's choral works that is unique in the world. We look forward to a broad national and international response.

The edition includes 43 sacred works in volume 1 (mixed choir and men's choir) and 45 secular works in volume 2 (women's choir, mixed choir, men's choir)

Vol. 1, approx. 250 pages, price: €39.90 (contains several first publications, some based on Loewe's original manuscripts)
Vol. 2, approx. 250 pages, price: €39.90

For performances, PHONUS-Verlag Leipzig provides various individual prints in choir strength at a low price upon request.

The two volumes can also be obtained from the International Carl Loewe Society.

The ensemble NOBILES from Leipzig performed in the city church of St. Petri on October 8th, 2021.

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