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The integration of the ICLG into a national and international network of music lovers and their recognition shows that the city of Wettin-Löbejün, with the Carl Loewe House and the active ICLG, has a cultural-musical gem in our Central German landscape and is therefore a magnet for music lovers became par excellence. Regionally, the close collaboration with the Handel House in Halle should be highlighted.

The ICLG is a founding member of the “Music Festival Working Group” in Saxony-Anhalt, a member of the “Street of Music” association, whose aim is to open up the rich musical landscape of Central Germany, of the nationwide Music Festival Association, of the State Music Council and of the State Museum Association in Saxony-Anhalt . She is also represented in the German Music Information Center (MIZ).

Members from Germany, England, Ireland, Japan, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and Poland.

There are close international contacts with the Austrian Carl Loewe Society, the Japanese Carl Loewe Society and, since the beginning of 2012, with the “Pro Stetinum Bono” foundation in Szczecin, which is dedicated to honoring outstanding personalities in the city, including as a focus in 2012 Carl Loewe. There has been a cooperation agreement with the University of the Arts in Szczecin since 2014, which focuses on joint events and support for students' musical education.

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