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Books and writings by and about Loewe

In addition to a number of biographies and treatises on Carl Loewe, original prints of Loewe's own, mostly music-educational writings can also be admired in the museum.

The collection includes original writings by Carl Loewe (some self-published), which reflect his music education ambitions and experiences; including rare copies such as the “Gesanglehre” and “Der musikalische Gottesdienst”.

His admiration for Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was expressed, among other things, also in the fact that he wrote a commentary on it shortly after Faust II was published.

Other authors describe Carl Loewe's time studying in Halle in very amusing terms, e.g. B. in "König Mys von Fidibus", where Loewe plays Leo Tonleben, the main character of the two-volume novel.

Biographies of Carl Loewe and writings about his musical work complement the collection and are a treasure trove for scientific research.

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